A statue of the Hamm's Bear stands in the 7th Street Mall in
St. Paul,

and it's the result of quite a struggle. The Rake reported in 2004 of the red tape a citizen's committee was experiencing in their attempts to put up a statue of the Hamm's cheerful, sport-loving mascot. At the time, a committee member blamed "political correctness," The Rake related. "Last year, their effort to put the bear statue in Como Park was shot down by the St. Paul City Council, with Council Member Jay Benanav comparing the Hamm's Bear to the Marlboro Man and colleague Chris Coleman labeling the character 'schmaltz art.' "

Schmaltz art it may be, but the unnamed Bear is one of the Midwest's most beloved characters. Hamm's itself repeatedly put the Bear into mothballs, as reported in Moira F. Harris' book "The Paws of Refreshment: The Story of Hamm's Beer Advertising." Without the Bear, the product suffered — every time. When Pabst bought the Hamm's label in the '80s, they were determined the keep the Bear as public as possible. "We always show the bear," a Pabst official said. "People remember us because of the bear and expect to see him."....

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Article by Max Sparber. Taken from the MINNPOST


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